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A few handy tips are photographed and posted. The tips come from Mark, while he is working in the shop. 

(When time permits, more tips will be added to this section.)

WATER TEMP GAUGE ACCURACY  This file is a must read, there's a lot of good information here. (Posted July 2003) It's a large file, and it's split up into Part 1 and Part 2, so that it will load better.
SAFETY FIRST!  Okay, so our “model is a real dog!  But Hey, we’re on a budget around here.  (Posted June 7, 2002) brief in length
A NO-SPILL METHOD, for pouring liquids from containers. (Posted June 7, 2002) brief in length
A CUSHY JOB, a little comfort goes a long way, with some of this shop work.  (Posted June 7, 2002) brief in length
REMOVING BROKEN BOLTS!  This a great method, for one of those pesky jobs that few people would enjoy.  The method shown has proven to be successful so often, it’s actually fun.  (Posted June 7, 2002) MEDIUM in length
TIGHTENING DRILL BITS INTO THE DRILL, Doing it properly will prevent slippage.


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