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Mark typically handles all incoming calls and tech support; but presently it is not possible for Mark to accommodate everyone who would like to ask questions and place orders. 

At times during recent weeks, Mark has not been available for phone calls.

Mark says; “I am sorry to everyone who has tried to reach me but could not.” 

During the next few weeks, Mark will be taking calls whenever possible, incoming calls will be answered on a part time basis, and in only a few more weeks Mark will be back to working his “normal” long days.  (As if 12 to 16 hours, often seven days per week, amount to “normal” days.  Ha!) 

If you cannot reach Mark by phone, maybe try later in the day or the next day. 

Meanwhile, at M.A.D. we are working as fast as possible to get all existing orders shipped. 

We also have people hard at work putting in a newer and faster shipping, invoicing, accounting, and an on-line order-taking  system. (A “shopping cart” system is soon to come.)

Inventory is being expanded by several times the amount we have stocked in the past—sort of like with a turbo spooling up we will soon be moving much faster. 

As soon as our expansion improvements are up running we will have on-line ordering, and also estimated delivery dates will be posted on a daily basis.


        Presently, we do not have on-line ordering.  We are still taking orders the old-fashioned method, which is by phone and by mail, and we prefer that people call to place orders or at least call to discuss orders that will be mailed to us.

We do accept VISA & Master Card with the orders placed by phone.

When you call, you will be talking to Mark Hamilton, the owner and founder of M.A.D. Enterprises.  Mark likes it this way, because he likes to know what model of car you are working on, and how the car is equipped.  With nearly every order placed, Mark will offer tips or suggestions that will improve the electrical system or help with installation of the products.

Mark also enjoys the calls because he is a car enthusiast too, and he enjoys hearing about the car that our products will be used with.  Like many of us in the industry, Mark is a car guy and a workshop guy at heart, but not just an ordinary salesman.

Likely we will offer on-line ordering in the near future.  The on-line ordering soon to come will be largely because there’s only one of Mark, and he’s on the phone all day while talking with customers.  At times it’s not so easy to get a call through to Mark because the line is so often busy.  With on-line ordering, at least then people who already know exactly what they want could conveniently get the parts ordered; and so we are working to install on-line ordering.

When we do install on-line ordering at this web site, then there will be a voluntary information form to fill out so that Mark will have information about the car that the products will be used with.  Mark will personally review every order in effort to insure that customers will receive the parts that will serve best for the application, and with many orders additional publications that can be of help or interest will be added to the package.  (There will be no charge for the “extra” documents or publications.)

Mark is also considering a requirement that all first-time customers must place their first order by phone, and then a pass-word would be issued for on-line ordering.  It’s because Mark is genuinely concerned that customers get the parts that will best help with the project, and many people do not know what electrical system layout will work best for a particular application.


        Fortunately, people like our products and so we have very few returns.  However, it seems that once or twice a year special circumstances arise where a customer would like to return items to us.  With most returned merchandise the situation has been that a car was sold or traded before having a chance to install our products.  There have been a few unfortunate cases over the years when cars were stolen before the car owner had a chance to install our parts.  (That really stinks!  We hate car thieves and hate to hear about someone’s car being stolen!)

        Of course we do offer full refund for all of the parts that we sell, assuming that the parts or parts-kits are still complete and are in good condition.  (The only thing that we cannot refund is the actual shipping cost incurred with shipment of the original order—but we offer full refund on all parts.)


        When returned parts are damaged, or missing booklets and/or other items, or dirty, or scuffed or in general not reusable, then we have to look at the parts and judge the worth of the returned merchandise.  (We have to determine what can be salvaged.)  We have to work this way because we will not send “used” merchandise to a customer; therefore please keep any parts that might be returned in as-new condition.


        Please return items to us via U.S. Post Office, and please ask the person at the Post Office counter for a “Delivery Confirmation” tag to put on the package.  Also please include a copy of the original sales invoice with the returned merchandise.


        With any and all refunds, we offer to either credit the customer’s credit card account; or if the order was originally paid by check or money order then we will mail a check for the full value of the returned items.


        We ship via the U. S. Post Office, and we use Priority Mail as our standard shipping method.  Priority mail is an expedited shipping method, but does not require a signature.  Because we are located in a rural area, Priority Mail has proven to be the fastest and also the least expensive shipping method for orders going to nearly all areas.  We also like the Post Office because they routinely deliver on Saturday with no extra charge, which is a service that UPS and other freight carriers do not offer.

Because we are located in a rural area, overnight shipping is not an option.  (Overnight shipping from our area is not an option with the Post Office, UPS or other freight companies.)   We do not ship via UPS, Federal Express, or other methods. 


        The Post Office does offer a package tracking system, which costs forty-five cents per tag, and we use it. The tracking tag system helps to prevent “lost” packages because it makes the Post Office accountable for the packages.

The Post Office calls this service their “Delivery Confirmation,” and it amounts to a bar-code scanner label.  We keep a portion of the tag, which has the tracking number and the customer’s name and “ship-to” address.  The bar-code portion of the label stays on the package, and it is scanned into the Post Office’s tracking system when we send the package.  The label is scanned again when the package is delivered, and the date and time of delivery is then entered into the Post Office’s tracking system.

        We assign the tracking tags to the packages as we process the orders, and we keep these tracking tags on file for about four months after shipping the package.

        Packages may be tracked at www.usps.com or by calling 1-800-222-1811.  The twenty-digit number from the Delivery Conformation tag is needed to track a package; we keep the tracking tags on file for approximately four months.


        We charge only actual shipping costs.  We actually assemble and then weigh each package before the order is processed, so that we can look up the actual shipping cost.


        For all orders with over $50.00 worth of merchandise, we do not charge any packaging or handling fees.  For small orders, we sometimes do charge a $2.50 fee for the labor involved with packaging the order for shipment.  (Typically this two dollar & fifty cent fee is applied only to very small orders, such as when a customer only needs a ten-pack of small wire terminals or nylon ties, something really small but yet costs us labor time to package the order for shipment.)


        As per our local laws and regulations, we collect sales tax only with orders that are shipped to California addresses; and then only the “PARTS TOTAL” is taxable.

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