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           When pouring from rectangle shaped, “not-vented” containers, POUR WITH THE CONTAINER OPENING AT THE TOP.

(“If I didn’t learn any thing else while working in an Army Motor Pool all those years ago, at least I did learn how to pour fuel from a 5 gallon Jeep Can without making a mess.”  Mark Hamilton) 

          Placement of the handle on this Valvoline motor oil container is very thoughtful.  (And the oil is very good too.  Ha!)  Grabbing by the handle has the opening up, and so it is very easy to pour from this container. 

Most of the rectangle shaped, “not-vented” containers have the handle placed convenient for carry, but not for pouring!

Notice in the photo above, that the opening was placed upward, and the “carry handle” is not directly grasped.  This method of pouring makes it possible to pour without spills and mess, even into very small funnels.

If we attempt to pour from the above container with the opening down (opposite of what we have shown), the result will be “chug-splash, chug-splash” which guarantees spills and mess.  Pouring incorrectly, with the opening down, will also cause the liquid to dribble down the end of the container. 

          The exception with pouring from a rectangle shaped container is when the container is VENTED.  In this case, always open the vent first, and then pour with the spout down.         




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