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As with all work, good TOOLS are needed to produce good work!


part # WTC-1  $23.00


The original KLEIN terminal crimper is a must for the professional craftsman.  Long, heavy steel handles, and the well designed crimping dies close to the pivot make it easy to get a solid crimp on the terminal.

More electrical system failures result from a bad crimp than any other cause!  Don’t let work with an inferior tool spoil the quality of your electrical system work.


This model of the KLEIN tool is the best for general-purpose automotive wiring.

part #   WS-1    $20.50

This tool has sharp blades and the wire stripper at the work side of the pivot for easy use in tight places.  The wire cutter makes a clean cut–for easy insertion of the wire strands into the terminal.  (Dikes smash and flatten the wire.)

For stripping and cutting wire
, for the handy pliers, and for cutting machine screws to the desired length, it’s a very handy tool.  Anyone who has ever attempted work with inferior tools that often come with wire terminal kits will appreciate this quality tool–it makes the work go so much better. 

(Other tools with the stripper at the handle side are really awkward to work with.)


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