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  • 32 pages

  • 47 professional photos plus illustrations

  • black and white

  • on excellent quality heavy weight paper.

  • (approximate reading time two - four hours)

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It’s a sensible book about automotive wiring.  The basics and fundamentals are explained through cartoon-like illustrations.  Electrical wiring tech really does become simple with this book.  Close up photos show special wire splicing techniques and craftsmanship.  Fusible link wires are thoroughly explained–and why we use them for short circuit protection in the heavy-duty systems, rather than ordinary fuses.  Through photos and discussions, the book teaches how, why, and when to solder connections.  And, through the basic laws of science, the special characteristics of our automotive systems are explained and discussed in examples.

Experienced and also people with little or no experience have been enjoying this book–it generates more fan mail than any other item M.A.D. has ever come up with.

This book is a must for our up-coming line of tech books on electrical topics, as it teaches basics that will apply to all electrical systems.


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