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Shrinkable Tubing
In 4 ft. lengths



     On Ring Terminals

On butt connector splices


3/16” ID

14ga. or smaller

$ 3.19


1/4 ”  ID

10ga. or smaller

$ 3.39


3/8 “  ID

  8ga. or smaller

$ 3.99


3/4 “  ID

2GA. – 1/0 cable

$ 5.99

Non-flammable, high temp, long lasting, by 3M.

Easily cut to length with scissors–3/4” to 1” is about right for ring terminals.  And about 1 ½”  for butt connectors.  Strong “polyolefin” material–it’s the best!

Shrink tubing insulates terminals with a very professional look–wiring looks factory made and is so clean it isn’t noticed.  (Those red, blue, and yellow insulators on cheap terminals stick out like a sore thumb.  And the plastic insulators crack and deteriorate too.)

Shrinkable tubing also provides support where wires exit the wire terminal.  It reduces flexing and breaking the copper wire strands.
Apply heat to shrink it on.


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