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Flexible, Ribbed Conduit

made of rugged, high temp, NYLON (not plastic)



Four sizes Any length you need!

Part #  FRC-14

I.D.  1/4"

$   .55 / ft.

Part #  FRC-38

I.D.  3/8"

$   .75 / ft.

Part #  FRC-12

I.D.  1/2"

$   .85 / ft.

Part #  FRC-34

I.D.  3/4"

$1 .45 / ft.

Our flexible ribbed conduit will organize, cover and protect exposed wires for the “clean” look under the hood.  A seam along the length makes it easy to insert wires.

Many other companies have been selling the cheap, easy-to-melt and soon-to-be-brittle plastic version, which has about the same look when it is new.  Our nylon conduit is far superior, and it has a thin, gray stripe along the length for identification as nylon.  This nylon conduit stays fresh and pliable–even in the severe under-hood environment.


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