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part # CN-1    $ 6.99


It's a handy place for a
few wires to connect
together & a great little

And it doesn't use a lot of

The threaded stud is #10
machine screw size (3/8"
deep socket fits the hex nut)


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part # CN-1    $ 6.99

insulated terminal block

The well-equipped car should have at least three of these terminal blocks.  Install one under the hood on the firewall.  Route the heavy gauge alternator out-put wire directly to the terminal block.  And from the terminal block route a charging wire to battery POS.  Connect the dash Main power-up here also, with a Fusible Link wire for short circuit protection.  Connect Other Fusible Links here for Fan Relays, Headlight Relays, Fuel pump relays, and any other systems that need full 14 volts.

Then mount two more terminal blocks under the dash Wire battery POS directly to one, and ignition switched ON/OFF to the other.  These two under the dash are perfect for wiring gauges, sound system, and other accessories.


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