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part # 1/0 – 1

for cable sold by the foot
cost $ 3.75 per foot

The heavy cable is a must with trunk mount battery!
It promotes better starting with battery up front too.

1/0 gauge, fine stranded copper conductor & two layers of insulation
(5/8” O. D.)

The fine stranded copper conductor makes this cable very flexible, and electrically the fine stranding is more efficient than coarse stranding.

The exclusive two-part insulation is best for automotive applications.  Gasoline, motor oil, transmission oils, brake fluids, grease and solvents do not attack the insulation on this cable.  The insulation of ordinary welding cable often does not last long in the automotive environment.  And the insulation of many welding cables is prone to “weather checking” too (it dries up and cracks open).  The inner layer of insulation is a different material, designed to prevent the copper conductor stranding within from cutting through.  And the inner layer is light in color to contrast with the black–If abrasion damage rubs through the outer black, the problem will be easy to spot before the cable becomes shorted to ground.

Custom Cables  made to measured length from our 1/0 gauge cable

$3.75 per ft., plus $5.00 with “stud type terminals” at both ends or plus $10.00 with a Top Post terminal installed.


A 2&1/2 ft. long, Top Post NEG battery cable =$19.38






We make the cables to measured length and with the correct ends for the job.  Please specify Top Post POS or NEG, ours are dedicated for best fit.  And on ends for studs and bolts we have 5/16” and 3/8” sizes.  *Our START’M UP solenoid has 5/16” studs, GM starters have 3/8” studs, most “mini-starters” have 5/16” studs, and most chassis and engine ground bolts will be 3/8”.

MEASUREMENTS are CENTER-to-CENTER, from the hole in the terminal at each end of the cable

$6.00 each   Top Post Terminals for 1/0 gauge cable. 

Made of solid copper, and coated with solder to resist corrosion, these are heavy-duty terminals.  Industry standard for Top Post battery terminals has the Positive slightly larger than the Negative (to help distinguish polarity).  Our cable ends are dedicated for best fit. (It’s better than the one-size-fits-all universal ends)


1/0 gauge terminals cost
$1.39 each


1 gauge terminals cost
$ .99 each


# 1/0-56T=1/0 gauge X 5/16” stud # 1-56T= 1 gauge X 5/16” stud  
# 1/0-38T=1/0 gauge X 3/8” stud # 1-38T = 1 gauge X 3/8”  stud


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