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Text Box: 	Back in 1985, when we designed our START’M UPâ kit, remote starter solenoid for GM starter systems, we set a trend that many other companies have copied.  (It’s a “MAD idea,� we have the copyright registration on file, for the original wiring diagrams used in the system.)	Another trend was the switch to VOLT gauges, departing from the old AMP gauges, at the dash of Hot Rods.  (We have encouraged and promoted this trend for many years.)	A current trend, catching on in a big way, is M.A.D.’s method of wiring the rear mounted “main disconnect switches,� for NHRA drag racing, so that the switch can be used to stop the engine and shutdown the electrical system. 	See the next trend in our Electrical Tech section, ONE-WIRE compared to THREE-WIRE alternators.  (It’s a “MAD idea,� see it here first, because it may be a few years until the rest of the industry catches up.)

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